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Farlington Lodge, Farlington, York

The following information was supplied by Alec Stephenson by email dated 23 July 2018. (

"This property was that of my 3x great Grandfather, John Hall who died in in 1846. John Hall had inherited the property from his brother William Hall in the early 1800's. This family was a particularly devout Roman Catholic family, that gave much to the surrounding area. Apparently there was a chapel at Farlington Lodge within the house. John Hall's son, William Jones Hall, was a surgeon at Easingwold and was educated at Ampleforth College, who generously gave a building rent-free, to allow Catholic worship before St John's Roman Catholic Church at Easingwold, was built.
The Halls were an old Catholic Family from the area of Farlington, Easingwold, Linton-upon-Ouse, Marton and York. Remarkably they maintained their Catholic faith from the reign of Elizabeth through successive monarchs, which meant they had high-born protectors. According to my 2x great uncle Thomas Atkinson Hall, (son of John Hall), his fore-bears refused to take the oath of allegiance to Queen Elizabeth (he calls her that woman Bess) and one John Hall suffered, by losing his head; it afterwards being placed upon Micklegate Bar, York. He goes on to say that this John Hall was 'Master of the Horse' to the late Duke of Norfolk (now St Philip Howard). Later Halls served the Lord Percy and he (Thomas Atkinson Hall) says his grand father was Steward to Lord Fairfax of Gilling Castle. The time line for Fairfax would have been 1730-1780. The Fairfax's were large landowners and lords also Catholic. There is a lovely house in York, Fairfax House which was their townhouse.
So your relative did have a very slight grain of truth in their story...while not exactly "Earls", the Halls certainly were employed by them.

St John's Catholic church in Easingwold was constituted in the 1830s as St Austin's but no building was built until the late 1830s, early 1840s. My great grandmother Sophia Maria Hall was baptised at St Austin's at Ampleforth in 1835. Father Dowding most likely buried John Hall and his son, my great, great, grandfather, William Jones Hall. They are not buried at St. John's though.
John Hall sent his sons to Ampleforth and in turn his grandsons. No doubt they would have known your Andrews forebears.

The Halls had extensive holdings in North Yorkshire which were lost due to double taxation due to the Catholicity. A cousin in Bristol has some of the original deeds.

And lastly, a sour note. The lawyer handling the Hall estates, Petersen, mentioned in the Auction notice, went bankrupt and in 1858 there was a famous court case involving the legatees of the original will of John Hall suing the law firm and Mr. Petersen personally. Unfortunately it reduced the family to straightened circumstances from which they were not to recover for some time. Fortunately they were all educated, and made their own way in the world."

Farlington Lodge was purchased by Thomas Andrews senior in 1847 and it remained in the family until the death of Thomas, his son, in 1917.

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