Easingwold, Yorkshire, England


Latitude: 54.1200070, Longitude: -1.1918780


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allinson, Lawrence Henry  1890Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I5094
2 Andrews, Alfred Richard  7 Aug 1919Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1312
3 Andrews, Ambrose David  13 Aug 1928Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1313
4 Andrews, Doris Charlotte A  12 Feb 1921Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I938
5 Andrews, Jane Frances  Nov 1915Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I940
6 Andrews, Joan Rachel  8 Dec 1916Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I934
7 Andrews, John Martin  26 Oct 1924Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I980
8 Andrews, Mary Adeline  25 Nov 1911Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1037
9 Andrews, Mary Isobel  25 Aug 1914Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1311
10 Andrews, Newark Nicholas  20 Apr 1913Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1100
11 Andrews, Olive Kathleen  19 Dec 1918Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1035
12 Andrews, Thomas Brown  1 Mar 1922Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1310
13 Andrews, Winnifred Grace  7 Jan 1926Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I888
14 Bellwood, Elizabeth Catherine  Abt.1822Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1452
15 Dickson, Joan Mary  5 Nov 1924Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I6514
16 Mirley, Annie Isabella  1865Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I5137
17 Mirley, Charles Newark (Butler)  1863Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I5133
18 Mirley, Charlotte Andrews  1853Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I5128
19 Mirley, Francis (Clerk in H.O.)  1858Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I5129
20 Mirley, Mary Jane  1852Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I5139
21 Mirley, Mary Jane  1855Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I5127
22 Mirley, Thomas (Platelayer)  1859Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I5130
23 Mirley, William Henry  1856Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I5138
24 Mirley, William Henry (Chemist)  1861Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I5131
25 Richardson, John Thomas  1849Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I3053
26 Stephenson, Margaret  1805Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1730
27 Wedgwood, Jane  1854Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I2193
28 Wedgwood, Martha  1856Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I2238
29 Wedgwood, Robert  1854Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I2277
30 Wedgwood, Sarah  1842Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I2287
31 Wedgwood, Thomas  1858Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I2299
32 York, Elizabeth  30 Oct 1791Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I4374
33 York, Jane  10 Jun 1794Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I4375
34 York, John (Yeoman)  10 Jun 1794Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I705
35 York, John Thomas Wiley  Oct 1847Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1551
36 York, Mary  18 Aug 1787Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I4372
37 York, Mary  25 May 1803Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I4377
38 York, Thomas  20 Jun 1789Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I4373
39 York, William  9 Apr 1798Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I4376
40 Yorke, Elizabeth Catherine  25 Dec 1844Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1636


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 York, Elizabeth  23 Nov 1791Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I4374
2 York, Jane  10 Jun 1794Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I4375
3 York, John (Yeoman)  10 Jun 1794Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I705
4 York, Mary  27 Sep 1787Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I4372
5 York, Mary  7 Aug 1803Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I4377
6 York, Thomas  20 Jun 1789Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I4373
7 York, William  13 May 1798Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I4376


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbey, Elizabeth  1852Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I708
2 Bellwood, Elizabeth Catherine  Jan 1846Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1452
3 Bellwood, Jonathan (Farmer)  1866Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1445
4 Cowton, Hannah  1887Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1205
5 Darley, Catherine Elizabeth  1926Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1212
6 Mirley, Mary Jane  1852Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I5139
7 Mirley, William Henry  1859Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I5138
8 Wedgwood, George  1890Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I2178
9 York, Mary  18 Jun 1789Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I4372
10 York, Robert (Carpenter)  1852Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1550
11 York, Thomas  Apr 1861Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I4373
12 Yorke, Rachel  1900Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I3035


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bellwood, Elizabeth Catherine  23 Jan 1846Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I1452
2 York, Mary  20 Jun 1789Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I4372
3 York, Thomas  7 Apr 1861Easingwold, Yorkshire, England I4373


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bellwood / Stephenson  15 Dec 1831Easingwold, Yorkshire, England F539
2 Wedgwood / Appleton  1921Easingwold, Yorkshire, England F609
3 Wedgwood / Dawson  22 Nov 1859Easingwold, Yorkshire, England F650
4 York / Bellwood  1842Easingwold, Yorkshire, England F374
5 York / Wiley  1846Easingwold, Yorkshire, England F375
6 York / Wilson  23 Nov 1786Easingwold, Yorkshire, England F92