Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England


Notes: "HINDERWELL, (or Hilderwell) a parish in the wapentake and liberty of Langbargh; 8 miles NW. of Whitby. The church, dedicated to St. Hilda (see Churches for photograph), is a very ancient edifice; the living is a rectory, in the patronage of Lady M. Boynton, and the Rev. William Smith is the incumbent. In the church yard there is a well, or spring of pure water, called St. Hilda's well, near which, it is conjectured, she had an occasional retreat, which not only still retains her name, but communicates the same to the parish. Rowland thinks it probable that, in very distant ages, churches were dwelling-houses for the priests, as well as places of worship, for the people; and that therefore they were generally built near a well of clear water. In the year 1603 a plague, contracted from a Turkish ship stranded on the coast, broke out in this village, and raged for six weeks, carrying off a number of the inhabitants, but fortunately did not extend its baneful influence to any of the neighbouring villages. Pop. 1483." Source - Genuki.org.uk

City/Town : Latitude: 54.5382330, Longitude: -0.7733170


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrew, Edward  Abt.1627Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1242
2 Andrew, Elizabeth  Abt.1686/87Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I729
3 Andrew, Elizabeth  Abt.1663Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I533
4 Andrew, Ellis  Abt.1698Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I681
5 Andrew, Jacob  Abt.1716Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I591
6 Andrew, Jane  17 Aug1662Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I537
7 Andrew, Joan  1630Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I602
8 Andrew, John  Abt.1665Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I538
9 Andrew, John  Abt.1668Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I540
10 Andrew, Jonathan (Shoemaker)  Est.1707Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I592
11 Andrew, Joseph  Est.1670Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5112
12 Andrew, Joseph (Fisherman)  Abt.1691Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I590
13 Andrew, Mary  Abt.1623/24Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I600
14 Andrew, Mary  Abt.1672Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I541
15 Andrew, Newark  6 Aug 1693Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I683
16 Andrew, Newark  20 Jan 1716/17Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1175
17 Andrew, Richard (Husbandman)  Abt.1625Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I527
18 Andrew, Richard  Abt.1683Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I604
19 Andrew, Richard  Abt.1739Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1282
20 Andrew, Robert  Abt.1706Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I587
21 Andrew, Thomas  29 Oct 1620Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1660
22 Andrew, Thomas (Yeoman)  Abt.1679Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I539
23 Andrew, Thomas  Abt.1696Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I684
24 Andrew, Thomazine  Abt.1723Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1268
25 Andrew, Tomison  Abt.1688/9Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I730
26 Andrew, William  Abt.1633Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1287
27 Andrew, William  Abt.1667Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I542
28 Brown, Sanderson  8 Dec 1793Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1166
29 Brown, William Jacob  16 Nov 1819Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3146
30 Brown, William Jacob  22 Oct 1821Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1169
31 Burnikle (Barnacle), Thomas (Mariner)  29 Apr 1786Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I734
32 Campion, Anne  26 Jan 1687Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2454
33 Campion, Elizabeth  17 Feb 1694Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2455
34 Campion, George  5 Oct 1690Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2456
35 Campion, Paul  25 Nov 1773Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3152
36 Campion, Robert  23 Apr 1689Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2460
37 Campion, Samuel  1 Jan 1696Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2462
38 Campion, Thomas  14 May 1693Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2463
39 Campion, Thomas  16 Sep 1763Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3151
40 Campion, Zachariah  Abt.1766Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1297
41 Farne, Ann  Sep 1834Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3793
42 Ford, Mary  9 Oct 1664Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2494
43 Gibbon, George  25 Jun 1783Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5399
44 Gibbon, George  10 Mar 1787Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5510
45 Gibbon, George  14 Aug 1863Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5556
46 Gibbon, Henry  1873Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5559
47 Gibbon, Isaac  Abt.1836Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5560
48 Gibbon, John (Tailor & Grocer)  1826Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5551
49 Gibbon, John  27 Sep 1869Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5558
50 Gibbon, Joseph  1860Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5555

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Andrew, Alice  21 Jun 1742Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I15
2 Andrew, Charlotte  6 Oct 1776Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I970
3 Andrew, Edward  22 Jul 1627Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1242
4 Andrew, Elizabeth  24 Mar 1686/7Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I729
5 Andrew, Elizabeth  25 Mar 1721/22Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I594
6 Andrew, Joan  1 Aug 1630Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I602
7 Andrew, Jonathan (Shoemaker)  5 Feb 1716Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I592
8 Andrew, Joseph (Fisherman)  4 Jan 1690/1Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I590
9 Andrew, Richard  20 Nov 1683Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I604
10 Andrew, Thomas (Fisherman)  4 May 1701Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1279
11 Andrew, Thomazine  24 Nov 1723Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1268
12 Andrew, William  22 Apr 1633Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1287
13 Barnacle, Mary  23 Dec 1762Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2440
14 Brown, Sanderson  10 Dec 1793Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1166
15 Brown, William Jacob  16 Nov 1819Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3146
16 Burnickle, Mary  01 Feb 1715/16Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I743
17 Burnikle, Ann  04 Jan 1751Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2414
18 Burnikle, Hannah  14 Jan 1757Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2432
19 Burnikle, John  18 May 1760Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2437
20 Burnikle, Newark  3 May 1788Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I738
21 Burnikle (Barnacle), Thomas (Master Mariner)  29 Jan 1754Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I731
22 Burnikle (Barnacle), Thomas (Mariner)  30 Apr 1786Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I734
23 Campion, Elizabeth  17 Feb 1694Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2455
24 Campion, George  5 Oct 1690Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2456
25 Campion, Margaret  22 Sep 1782Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1301
26 Campion, Paul  26 Nov 1773Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3152
27 Campion, Robert  23 Apr 1689Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2460
28 Campion, Samuel  1 Jan 1696Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2462
29 Campion, Thomas  14 May 1693Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2463
30 Campion, Zachariah  13 Jul 1766Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1297
31 Farne, Ann  28 Sep 1834Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3793
32 Ford, Mary  9 Oct 1664Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2494
33 Gibbon, Charlotte  26 Nov 1792Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5402
34 Gibbon, George  11 Mar 1787Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5510
35 Gibbon, George  29 Nov 1863Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5556
36 Gibbon, John (Tailor & Grocer)  5 Mar 1826Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5551
37 Gibbon, John  27 Mar 1870Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5558
38 Gibbon, Mary  8 Dec 1788Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5522
39 Gibbon, Mary  24 Feb 1810Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5521
40 Gibbon, Mary  28 Mar 1858Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5516
41 Gibbon, Ralph  13 Mar 1785Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5519
42 Gibbon, Ralph  17 Dec 1820Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5513
43 Gibbon, Ralph  8 Oct 1854Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5515
44 Gibbon, Ralph  18 Jul 1858Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5554
45 Gibbon, Sarah  19 Mar 1796Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5517
46 Gibbon, Sarah Jane  30 Sep 1866Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5557
47 Gibbon, William  1 Jul 1791Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5524
48 Hart, Ann  10 Mar 1722/23Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1071
49 Hart, Dorothy  2 Nov 1718Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2500
50 Hart, Hannah  28 Oct 1716Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2501

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ann  1847Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5520
2 Thomison  30 Dec 1704Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3408
3 Andrew, Alice  30 Jul 1819Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I15
4 Andrew, Ellis  Nov 1698Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I681
5 Andrew, Jonathan (Shoemaker)  17 Jan 1789Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I592
6 Andrew, Roger  Mar 1708Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I6302
7 Andrew, Thomas (Yeoman)  Feb 1641/2Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1286
8 Andrew, Thomas  Mar 1696/97Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I684
9 Andrew, Thomas  10 Jun 1699Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1660
10 Andrew, William  Jan 1667/8Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I542
11 Andrew, William (Farmer)  Jun 1781Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1269
12 Brown, William Jacob  21 Aug 1820Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3146
13 Brown, William Jacob  20 Nov 1822Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1169
14 Campion, Dinah (Dressmaker)  5 Jan 1878Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I771
15 Campion, Margaret  Jan 1784Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1301
16 Campion, Thomas  14 Jan 1778Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3149
17 Campion, Thomas  28 Oct 1784Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3151
18 Campion, Thomas (Mariner)  Sep 1869Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1302
19 Campion, Zebora (Seamstress)  13 Aug 1871Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1303
20 Duck, Mary  5 Sep 1794Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1270
21 Farne, Ann  Jun 1860Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3793
22 Gibbon, William  29 Dec 1792Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5524
23 Hart, Elizabeth  Oct 1699Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I680
24 Hesleton, Margareta  Sep 1619Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1289
25 Lewis, Dorothy  Feb 1820Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5379
26 Scarth, Mary  Aug 1748Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1263
27 Stephenson, Mary  Jan 1685/6Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I603
28 Theaker, Edward  Apr 1825Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2705
29 Theaker, Indiana (Dressmaker & Milliner)  7 Apr 1877Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3768
30 Trattles, Peter  Jun 1817Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I20
31 Trattles, Zipporah  Jun 1852Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I22
32 Weatherell, Isabell  Sep 1722Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1267


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ann  1847Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5520
2 Andrew, Alice  30 Jul 1819Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I15
3 Andrew, John (Farmer)  6 May 1821Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5671
4 Andrew, Thomas (Yeoman)  14 Feb 1641/2Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1286
5 Andrew, William  23 Sep 1726Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1287
6 Andrew, Zebra  24 Feb 1838Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1277
7 Brown, William Jacob  21 Aug 1820Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3146
8 Brown, William Jacob  20 Nov 1822Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1169
9 Burnikle, John (Master Mariner)  23 May 1795Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I740
10 Campion, Nathaniel  20 Nov 1733Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2458
11 Campion, Zachariah  25 Sep 1843Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1297
12 Farne, Ann  9 Jun 1860Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3793
13 Ford, Mary  27 Mar 1743Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2494
14 Gibbon, William  Dec 1792Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5524
15 Jefferson, Mary  15 Nov 1726Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I728
16 Lewis, Dorothy  27 Feb 1820Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I5379
17 Scarth, Mary  25 Aug 1748Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1263
18 Stephenson, Mary  29 Jan 1685/6Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I603
19 Theaker, Dinah  17 Oct 1822Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2704
20 Theaker, Edward  14 Apr 1825Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I2705
21 Theaker, Indiana (Dressmaker & Milliner)  Apr 1877Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3768
22 Trattles, Ann  13 Mar 1721Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3156
23 Trattles, William  5 Apr 1726Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I741
24 Weatherell, Isabell  15 Sep 1722Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1267


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Inheritence    Person ID 
1 Andrew, Edward  1642Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1242
2 Andrew, Joan  1642Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I602
3 Andrew, John  1642Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I532
4 Andrew, Mary  1642Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I600
5 Andrew, Richard (Husbandman)  1642Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I527
6 Andrew, Thomas  1642Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1660
7 Andrew, William  1642Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1287
8 Corner, Jane  1642Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1288


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Andrew, Joseph (Fisherman)  05 May 1722Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I590


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Petition    Person ID 
1 Andrew, Zebra  18 Feb 1808Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1277
2 Campion, Zachariah  18 Feb 1808Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1297

Property Owned

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property Owned    Person ID 
1 Andrew, John (Gentleman)  1798Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I3147


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Taxation    Person ID 
1 Andrew, Thomas  1673Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1660


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Andrew, Thomas (Yeoman)  1 Oct 1641Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England I1286


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   27 Oct 1718Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F1472
2 /   3 Feb 1731Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F395
3 Addinson / Andrew  14 Aug 1698Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F88
4 Andrew / Addison  3 Feb 1731Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F1744
5 Andrew / Barnacle  3 Jan 1769Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F380
6 Andrew / Dickenson  27 Jul 1693Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F1644
7 Andrew / Duck  3 Oct 1738Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F1635
8 Andrew / Duck  20 Jan 1741Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F396
9 Andrew / Hesleton  22 May 1601Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F198
10 Andrew / Hindson  25 Jun 1778Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F1645
11 Andrew / Jefferson  20 Jan 1686/87Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F284
12 Andrew / Newby  18 Oct 1750Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F1636
13 Andrew / Scarth  25 May 1732Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F359
14 Andrew / Trattles  21 Dec 1782Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F1651
15 Andrew / Weatherell  24 May 1720Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F360
16 Burnikle / Gill  6 Feb 1714/15Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F760
17 Burnikle / Hart  8 Jan 1744/45Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F174
18 Campion / Andrew  18 Dec 1781Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F200
19 Campion / Brown  9 Nov 1762Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F922
20 Campion / Ford  7 Apr 1687Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F768
21 Carter / Andrew  24 May 1743Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F1667
22 Corner / Andrew  29 Nov 1711Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F199
23 Gibbon / Armstrong  10 Sep 1778Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F614
24 Gibbon / Lewis  27 Nov 1755Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F1553
25 Hart / Campion  13 Jul 1712Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F769
26 Hart / Crosby  17 Jul 1681Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F779
27 Smurthwaite / Gibbon  15 Sep 1819Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F1601
28 Theaker / Barnacle  16 Apr 1792Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F765
29 Trattles / Andrew  16 Feb 1764Hinderwell, Yorkshire, England F3