Northallerton, Yorkshire, England


Latitude: 54.3379610, Longitude: -1.4299590


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blair, Dorothy Louisa  1922Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I4893
2 Blair, James Richard  1923Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I671
3 Darley, Arthur William  1902Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I792
4 James, William  Abt 1865Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I2020
5 Walker, Alfred  1885Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I6645
6 Walker, Charles  1908Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I6644
7 Walker, Freda  1908Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I6650
8 Walker, Harry  1890Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I6646
9 Walker, Minnie  1899Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I6647
10 Wedgwood, Robert  1898Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I2278
11 Wood, John Raymond  1941Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I4038


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bendelow, William Mason  1931Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I3682
2 Blair, Margaret Ann  Mar 2021Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I672
3 Foster, Marian  8 Mar 1995Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I5506
4 Ham, Arthur William Henry (Bank Manager)  Feb 1994Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I5507
5 Mason, Elizabeth Hannah  1937Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I3666
6 Mason, George (Farm Foreman)  1950Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I2038
7 Mitchinson, Harry (Waggoner)  1969Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I6487
8 Mitchinson, Harry Alderson (Bricklayer/Postman)  Dec 1973Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I2050
9 Mitchinson, John Alderson (Contractor)  1974Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I2055
10 Mitchinson, Mary  Abt.1945Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I6468
11 Mitchinson, Thomas William (Draper)  1975Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I6475
12 Norris, Edna M  1994Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I6508
13 Walker, Alfred  1886Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I6645
14 Walker, Charles  1911Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I6644
15 Walker, Freda  1908Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I6650
16 Walker, Harry  1890Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I6646
17 Walker, Minnie  1900Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I6647
18 Wedgwood, Elizabeth Ann  04 May 1982Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I2174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mason, Hilda  Jul 1896Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I2040


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Brentley, William (Cobbler)  1930Northallerton, Yorkshire, England I1947


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brentley / Dennis  1948Northallerton, Yorkshire, England F106
2 Brentley / Mason  1918Northallerton, Yorkshire, England F632
3 Cuthbertson / Blair  1947Northallerton, Yorkshire, England F1413
4 Darley / Langdale  08 Apr 1901Northallerton, Yorkshire, England F455
5 Walker / Bradley  1903Northallerton, Yorkshire, England F1921
6 Walker / Duffield  1905Northallerton, Yorkshire, England F1922
7 Walker / Mitchinson  1882Northallerton, Yorkshire, England F1920
8 Wilson / Benton  4 Jun 1735Northallerton, Yorkshire, England F1249
9 Wood / Mason  1925Northallerton, Yorkshire, England F1176