Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrew, Edward  Abt.1777Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5659
2 Andrew, Josanna  Abt.1771Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5657
3 Andrew, Newark (Carter)  Abt.1817Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5663
4 Andrew, Stephenson (Carter)  Abt.1772Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5658
5 Dodds, Joseph  Abt.1787Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5803
6 Dodds, Thomas  Abt.1794Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5805
7 Dodds, William  Abt.1790Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5804
8 Ellerby, Ann  Abt.1783Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5819
9 Ellerby, Ann Elizabeth  Abt.1828Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5811
10 Ellerby, Hannah  Abt.1837Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5815
11 Ellerby, John Forster  Abt.1825Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5817
12 Ellerby, Joseph  Abt.1780Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5818
13 Ellerby, Joseph  Abt.1832Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5813
14 Ellerby, Martha  Abt.1830Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5812
15 Ellerby, Thomas  Abt 1790Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5649
16 Ellerby, William (Farmer/Innkeeper))  Abt.1785Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5640
17 Ellerby, William  Abt.1834Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5814
18 Heseltine, Anne  Abt.1792Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5795
19 Heseltine, Anne  Abt.1793Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5796
20 Heseltine, Elizabeth  Abt.1803Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5791
21 Heseltine, George  Abt.1799Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5792
22 Heseltine, Jane  Abt.1798Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5797
23 Heseltine, Joanna  Abt.1783Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5793
24 Heseltine, William  Abt.1788Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5794
25 Pearson, Margaret Stephenson  Abt.1813Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5832
26 Pearson, Mary Ann Stephenson  Abt.1813Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5833
27 Stephenson, William  Abt.1784Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5829


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andrew, Edward (Husbandman)  Mar 1826Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5641
2 Andrew, Margaret  Oct 1811Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5656
3 Ellerby, Ann  Jan 1784Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5819
4 Fawcett, George  Mar 1809Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5788
5 Stephenson, Elizabeth  Jul 1825Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5654

Trinity House Petition

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Trinity House Petition    Person ID 
1 Andrew, George  13 Dec 1794Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5652
2 Garbutt, Elizabeth  13 Dec 1794Skinningrove, Yorkshire, England I5743