Wolsingham, Durham, England


Latitude: 54.7325600, Longitude: -1.8839400


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Thomas Todd  21 Mar 1806Wolsingham, Durham, England I1804
2 Greenwell, Ann  Jun 1784Wolsingham, Durham, England I3597
3 Greenwell, Elizabeth  Apr 1788Wolsingham, Durham, England I3598
4 Greenwell, Isabella  May 1792Wolsingham, Durham, England I3599
5 Greenwell, John  Dec 1785Wolsingham, Durham, England I3596
6 Joplin, Ann  21 Apr 1734Wolsingham, Durham, England I3617
7 Joplin, Catherine  21 Apr 1734Wolsingham, Durham, England I3618
8 Joplin, Isabel  21 Apr 1734Wolsingham, Durham, England I3619
9 Joplin, Jane  Dec 1735Wolsingham, Durham, England I3600
10 Joplin, Robert  May 1732Wolsingham, Durham, England I3616
11 Marshall, Ann  Aug 1711Wolsingham, Durham, England I3625
12 Marshall, Ann  Jul 1763Wolsingham, Durham, England I3602
13 Marshall, Elizabeth  Oct 1764Wolsingham, Durham, England I626
14 Marshall, George  Feb 1715Wolsingham, Durham, England I3626
15 Marshall, John  22 Dec 1713Wolsingham, Durham, England I3627
16 Marshall, John (Yeoman)  Abt. 1717Wolsingham, Durham, England I3553
17 Mirley, William Henry (Gardener)  Abt.1822Wolsingham, Durham, England I5125
18 Todd, Ann  14 Mar 1658Wolsingham, Durham, England I4099
19 Todd, Ann  Jan 1764Wolsingham, Durham, England I3458
20 Todd, Ann  Oct 1794Wolsingham, Durham, England I631
21 Todd, Anthony  Oct 1740Wolsingham, Durham, England I551
22 Todd, Anthony Yeoman  Mar 1762Wolsingham, Durham, England I3413
23 Todd, Cuthbert (Yeoman)  1726Wolsingham, Durham, England I1706
24 Todd, George  Aug 1722Wolsingham, Durham, England I3590
25 Todd, George  Dec 1724Wolsingham, Durham, England I3591
26 Todd, George  Dec 1724Wolsingham, Durham, England I4121
27 Todd, Isabella  Jun 1765Wolsingham, Durham, England I3459
28 Todd, Jane  Jun 1660Wolsingham, Durham, England I3562
29 Todd, Jane  Dec 1733Wolsingham, Durham, England I3521
30 Todd, Jane  3 Aug 1737Wolsingham, Durham, England I550
31 Todd, John (Farmer)  1746Wolsingham, Durham, England I554
32 Todd, John (Yeoman & Batchelor)  12 Jun 1789Wolsingham, Durham, England I629
33 Todd, Margaret  May 1662Wolsingham, Durham, England I3563
34 Todd, Margaret  Jun 1736Wolsingham, Durham, England I3522
35 Todd, Margaret  1769Wolsingham, Durham, England I3461
36 Todd, Mary  Mar 1655Wolsingham, Durham, England I3560
37 Todd, Mary  Dec 1664Wolsingham, Durham, England I3564
38 Todd, Mary  Dec 1760Wolsingham, Durham, England I3457
39 Todd, Thomas  Feb 1744Wolsingham, Durham, England I552
40 Todd, Thomasin  Jan 1667Wolsingham, Durham, England I3565


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Todd, George  21 Aug 1722Wolsingham, Durham, England I4120
2 Todd, Jane  3 Jun 1660Wolsingham, Durham, England I3562
3 Todd, Margaret  20 May 1662Wolsingham, Durham, England I3563
4 Todd, Mary  25 Mar 1655Wolsingham, Durham, England I3560
5 Todd, Mary  4 Dec 1664Wolsingham, Durham, England I3564
6 Todd, Thomasin  30 Jan 1667Wolsingham, Durham, England I3565


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Mrs John Todd), Jane  Sep 1720Wolsingham, Durham, England I3559
2 Hodgson, Ann  9 Nov 1802Wolsingham, Durham, England I3532
3 Joplin, Ann  21 Apr 1734Wolsingham, Durham, England I3617
4 Joplin, Catherine  Apr 1734Wolsingham, Durham, England I3618
5 Joplin, Isabel  Apr 1734Wolsingham, Durham, England I3619
6 Marshall, Anthony (Yeoman)  Nov 1742Wolsingham, Durham, England I3622
7 Marshall, John  23 Dec 1713Wolsingham, Durham, England I3627
8 Marshall, John (Yeoman)  Nov 1764Wolsingham, Durham, England I3553
9 Philipson, Sarah  May 1781Wolsingham, Durham, England I4604
10 Todd, Ann  Apr 1723Wolsingham, Durham, England I563
11 Todd, Cuthbert  1746Wolsingham, Durham, England I567
12 Todd, Cuthbert  Jul 1852Wolsingham, Durham, England I3475
13 Todd, Elizabeth  8 Jul 1856Wolsingham, Durham, England I630
14 Todd, Esther  May 1742Wolsingham, Durham, England I3519
15 Todd, George  Mar 1723Wolsingham, Durham, England I3590
16 Todd, George  20 Mar 1723Wolsingham, Durham, England I4120
17 Todd, George  Aug 1727Wolsingham, Durham, England I4118
18 Todd, George  Jan 1743Wolsingham, Durham, England I3591
19 Todd, George  27 Jan 1743Wolsingham, Durham, England I4121
20 Todd, John  Mar 1692Wolsingham, Durham, England I3424
21 Todd, John (Farmer)  Dec 1832Wolsingham, Durham, England I554
22 Todd, Lancelot  Mar 1659Wolsingham, Durham, England I3569
23 Wooler, George John  Jan 1870Wolsingham, Durham, England I4169
24 Wooler, George William  Jan 1819Wolsingham, Durham, England I4166


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Inheritence    Person ID 
1 Brown, Ann  20 Jun 1838Wolsingham, Durham, England I3607
2 Brown, Elizabeth  20 Jun 1838Wolsingham, Durham, England I3606
3 Brown, Grace  20 Jun 1838Wolsingham, Durham, England I3605
4 Brown, Jane  20 Jun 1838Wolsingham, Durham, England I3608
5 Brown, John  20 Jun 1838Wolsingham, Durham, England I3609
6 Brown, John Todd  20 Jun 1838Wolsingham, Durham, England I3604
7 Brown, Mary  20 Jun 1838Wolsingham, Durham, England I3603
8 Burnop, Mary  1765Wolsingham, Durham, England I1711
9 Greenwell, George (Yeoman & Maltster)  11 Oct 1802Wolsingham, Durham, England I3552
10 Greenwell, John  22 Feb 1821Wolsingham, Durham, England I3596
11 Todd, Anthony  8 Nov 1746Wolsingham, Durham, England I3520
12 Todd, Anthony (Yeoman)  1765Wolsingham, Durham, England I549
13 Todd, Anthony Yeoman  1765Wolsingham, Durham, England I3413
14 Todd, Cuthbert (Yeoman)  1765Wolsingham, Durham, England I1706
15 Todd, Elizabeth  20 Jun 1838Wolsingham, Durham, England I630
16 Todd, Esther  8 Nov 1746Wolsingham, Durham, England I3519
17 Todd, Grace  20 Jun 1838Wolsingham, Durham, England I632
18 Todd, Isabella  20 Jun 1838Wolsingham, Durham, England I633
19 Todd, Jane  8 Nov 1746Wolsingham, Durham, England I3521
20 Todd, John (Yeoman)  1765Wolsingham, Durham, England I558
21 Todd, John (Yeoman & Batchelor)  20 Jun 1838Wolsingham, Durham, England I629
22 Todd, Margaret  8 Nov 1746Wolsingham, Durham, England I3522
23 Todd, Margaret  1765Wolsingham, Durham, England I1705
24 Todd, Mary (Spinster)  22 Feb 1821Wolsingham, Durham, England I3556
25 Todd, Sarah  20 Jun 1838Wolsingham, Durham, England I628
26 Todd, Thomas  1765Wolsingham, Durham, England I552
27 Todd, Thomas  20 Jun 1838Wolsingham, Durham, England I3417
28 Troutbeck, James  1765Wolsingham, Durham, England I3412

Probate Date

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate Date    Person ID 
1 Joplin, Jane  29 Nov 1764Wolsingham, Durham, England I3600
2 Marshall, John (Yeoman)  29 Nov 1764Wolsingham, Durham, England I3553


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Hodgson, Ann  11 Oct 1802Wolsingham, Durham, England I3532
2 Marshall, Elizabeth  15 May 1838Wolsingham, Durham, England I626
3 Todd, Cuthbert  1746Wolsingham, Durham, England I567
4 Todd, Cuthbert (Gentleman & Batchelor)  23 Aug 1820Wolsingham, Durham, England I3557


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andrews / Todd  14 Jan 1830Wolsingham, Durham, England F379
2 Garthwaite / Todd  29 May 1799Wolsingham, Durham, England F996