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The Brig - Charlotte

A History of 'The Charlotte'1774-1819

18th_Century_Brig   An 18th Century Brig

Newark married Charlotte Burnickle in 1769 and by 1774 he has acquired his first ship and is starting to build a successful merchant shipping business, becoming a Master Mariner and eventually trading over most of the known world. The following information has been compiled from documents in my possession including the Expense Log for the "Charlotte", as well as newspaper reports of the time, recording ship arrivals and departures. 

Princess Charlotte of married King George III in 1764, thus becoming Queen Charlotte. Did Newark name his ship after his wife, whom he married in 1769, or after his Queen. Probably his wife, in my view but it wouldn't have done him any harm being thought that he named her in honour of the Queen. It would certainly be seen as a patriotic act.

The Charlotte would appear to date from 1774, the earliest date I have found, for a voyage from Sunderland to Portsmouth.

However the, long out of print book, "The Ancient Port of Whitby and it's Shipping", compiled by Richard Weatherall and published in 1908 provides the following information on the Charlotte, under the ownership of Newark Andrew:

The Charlotte S. 216. Bt Grovehill 1783. Owner Newark Andrews. Staithes. Sq. St. 83 ft. x 25½ ft.

Lengthened to 279 in 1790 (Presumably from 216 ft. to 279 ft.)


Sailing vessels were described by the style of their rigging. The name ‘ship’ did not mean any vessel but one of a particular rig –

always a three masted vessel, with yards on each mast, or in other words ‘square rigged’.

So the Charlotte was a square rigged three masted ‘ship’, 216ft in length and built at Grovehill in 1783. It was lengthened to 279

ft. in 1790 and it had a square stern measuring 83ft. by 25½ feet. The owner is recorded as Newark Andrews (1747-1826).

The  entries, from 1774 to 1778 below must relate either to an earlier vessel under Newark’s 

ownership, or one under the ownership of his father, Richard Andrew.


10 Mar                 Arrived at Portsmouth from Sunderland (Hampshire Chronicle 14 Mar 1774)


27 April                Arrived at Poole from Sunderland (Salisbury & Wiltshire Journal 1 May 1775)

11 May                Sailed from Poole for Hull (Hampshire Chronicle 15 May 1775)

25 May                Sailed from Poole for Hull (Salisbury & Winchester Journal 29 May 1775)

29 May                Arrived at Gainsborough from Poole with Clay (Derby Mercury 26 May 1775)

21 Sept                Arrived at Portsmouth from Sunderland (Hampshire Chronicle 25 Sept 1775)

5 Oct                    Sailed from Portsmouth for Sunderland (Hampshire Chronicle 9 Oct 1775)


27 Sep                 Hurricane storm off the Yorkshire coast. The Charlotte shelters off  Redcar, laden with coals. (Leeds 

                                  Intelligencer 6 Oct 1778)


1783                    Charlotte II built in Grovehill

Feb/Mar              First voyage Hull to London with coles (Ship’s Log)

April                    Second voyage Shields to London with coles (Ship’s Log)

Apr – Aug            First voyage to Petersburgh (Ship’s Log)

21 May                Arrived at Petersburgh from London, with Ballast (Newcastle Courant 5 July 1783)

9 Aug                  Arrived at Hull from Petersburgh, with iron (Leeds Intelligencer 12 Aug 1783)           

Aug – Dec           Second voyage to Petersburgh (Ship’s Log)

23 Aug                 Sailed from Hull for Petersburgh with Bricks (Leeds Intelligencer 26 Aug 1783)

30 Aug                 Sound List- Charlotte from Hull to St. Petersburgh (Newcastle Courant 20 Sep 1783)

3 Oct                    Sailed from Petersburgh for Lynn Regis (Newcastle Courant 15 November 1783)


Mar –Apr             First voyage Shields to London with coles (Ship’s Log)

April – Sept         First voyage from London to Petersburgh & Hull  (Ship’s Log)

Sept – Oct           Second voyage from Shields to London with coles (Ship’s Log)

23/24 Sep            Arrived London from Newcastle with coal (Newcastle Courant 27 Sep 1784)

Oct – Dec            Voyage from London to Norway with endo (timber) (Ship’s Log)


Jan -  Feb            First voyage to Shields with coles (Ship’s Log)

Mar – Dec            First voyage to Quebec & return to London (Ship’s Log)


26 Mar                 Sailed from  Deal for Maryland (Kentish Gazette 28 Mar 1786)

29 Sep                 Arrived at Deal from Virginia (Newcastle Courant 7 Oct1786)


28 Mar                 Sailed from Gravesend for Maryland (Kentish Gazette  3 April 1787)

31 Mar                 Sailing from Deal for Virginia but held back (Kentish Gazette 6 Apr 1787)

24 Oct                  Passed by Gravesend to ? from Virginia (Kentish Gazette 30 Oct 1787)


13 Nov                 Arrived at Deal & sailed for the river, from Maryland (Newcastle Courant 22 Nov 1788)


22/27 Aug           Arrived at Hull from Petersburgh, with Hemp, Flax, Iron & Deals (Sheffield Register 22 Aug 1789 & Leeds Intelligencer 

                                 25 Aug 1789)

1791                    Voyage Shields to Stettin

4 Jun                    Departed Shields for Stettin (Newcastle Courant 4 Jun 1791)


17 Oct                  Arrived at Lynn from Wyburgh with Deals & Battens (Bury & Norwich Post 24 Oct 1792)

1793 Aug – 1795 Aug                    

In the Mediterranean around Corsica acting as a Transport ship for British troops. This was the period when Corsica was a

British Protectorate and included the Battle of Calvi, where Horatio (later, Lord) Nelson lost his eye.

19 Oct                 Deale    

November 6th     Portsmouth


9/15 Nov             Brixham

19 Nov                Falmouth


6 Feb                  Elbe & cash drawn £50 (Ship’s Log)

27th Feb              Elbe

1 Apr                   Fiorenzo cash drawn £20 (Ship’s Log)

14 May                Bastia

27 May                Bastia

12July                 Leghorn

22 Jul                  Corsica          Mr. Campion shot in the arm, just below the shoulder (Ship’s Log)

4 Sept                 Leghorn

6 Sep                  Corsica           Richard Trattles died at 10 O’clock in the morning abreast the island of  Corsica  (Ship’s Log)

15 Sep                Leghorn and cash drawn £40 (Ship’s Log)

21 Sep                Fiorenza

28 Oct                 Malta and cash drawn £10 (Ship’s Log)

11 Nov                Bastia and cash drawn £80 (Ship’s Log)

16-21 Nov           Leghorn              

30 Nov                Fiorenza

Dec                     Fiorenza


4 Jan                  Leghorn cash drawn £60 (Ship’s Log)

14 Jan                Leghorn

6 Feb                 Fiorenza

12 Feb               Leghorn

6 March             Leghorn cash drawn £200 (Ship’s Log)

3 April                Leghorn

22 April              Fiorenzo

18 July              Gibralter cash drawn £96 (Ship’s Log)

28 Aug              Gibraltar

Oct 1795           Arrived at Portsmouth (or Portland?) as a transport under convoy (Newcastle Courant 24 Oct 1795)

1 Dec                Dartmouth cash drawn £20 (Ship’s Log)

1799                 Voyage, Shields to Quebec (Ship’s Log)

8 Jun                Sailed from Shields for Quebec (Newcastle Courant 8 Jun 1799)


18 Apr               Lloyds List reports that on a voyage from Halifax to London the Charlotte is captured by a French Privateer & taken into Spain (Caledonian Mercury 21 Apr 1800)


12 June             Sound List – Charlotte, from Newcastle to Hammersmill with Coals (Hull Advertiser & Exchange Gazette 12 Jun 1802)


8 Apr                The Charlotte of Sunderland, (Capt. Purday) with 900 tons of Iron on board was jammed between the lock

                         gates, on leaving Cardiff harbour (Hereford Journal 8 Apr 1807)

13 May             Charlotte from Tanquebar detained by the Busy Cutter and sent into Plymouth (Hibernian Journal 13 May 1807)

7 Aug               Arrived at Grenada from London (Public Ledger & Daily Advertiser 7 Aug 1807)

27 Sep             Arrived at Gravesend from  Grenada (Public Ledger & Daily Advertiser 29 Sep 1807)


April                 Entered into pay as a Transport

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