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Lancaster Bomber ME 835. The plane which Sgt. Norman Booth flew as Navigator.
The bomb load on the night of 4 November 1944 was: 1 x 3000lb. H.C; 6 x 1000lb. M.C; 4 x 500lb. M.C. & 2 x 500lb G.P. (L.D)
Failed to return. Nothing heard after take off.
Extracted from the official record held in the National Archive

R.A.F Station Kirmington, Lincolnshire 4th November 1944 Order of Battle.
Take off: 17.00 hours. Target: Bochum

The important coal mining town of Bochum was the target for 27 of our aircraft on the night of the 4/5th November 1944. The route was covered by 7/10ths cloud, which cleared as the target area was approached and conditions for bombing were very favourable. P.F.F. ground markers were accurately placed and well concentrated and a highly successful attack developed. Opposition was heavy and moderate to intense heavy flack was encountered over the target area with considerable searchlight activity. Night fighters were very much in evidence and 'O' flown by F/O Dale and crew was twice attacked by JU. 88s and claimed strikes on both. 'J' flown by F/O Sherry and crew was also attacked twice and claims to have shot down a jet propelled fighter. 'R' flown by F/O Sisson and crew sustained numerous flak holes but none of the crew was injured. 

'T' flown by F/O Wilson and crew failed to return and 'P' flown by F/O Falconer had the misfortune to crash only just short of base, the Mid Upper Gunner being killed and the Pilot, Flight Engineer and Rear Gunner being injured.

The remaining 25 aircraft sucessfully returned to base carrying out a most concentrated attack. Despite the heavy opposition, a great weight of bombs was dropped round the aiming point and fires could be seen by our crew for up to 100 miles away, on the return journey.

Compiled by Wing Commander D.A. Garner D.S.C. 166 Squadron.

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Date23 Apr 2020
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