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An extract from the above private publication, with the kind permission of June's son, Tony Cope who is my 4th cousin.

Harold lost the sight of one eye in a childhood accident after an arrow aimed at him by his brother Percy hit him. Probably because of this there is no record of his army service. A school teacher, his marriage to Ada Gerard, Bessie’ sister, was one of the happiest of unions. Ada, large loving, her every sentence containing an endearment, gave him great contentment. 

Harold became the headmaster of one of the toughest schools in the area, The Elementary School in St Helens. It was said of him that he could keep control without ever using a cane. 

Three children were born of the marriage: Gordon, Selwyn (Selly) and Ena. Both boys graduated in medicine at Liverpool University where I remember them well for being daredevils as students,‘borrowing’ a policeman’s hat and cape and bringing the central Liverpool traffic to a standstill to collect for Rag Week; climbing the tower and leaving a potty on the top. All trad stuff! But overall I remember their kindness. The time when as a little girl I lay gazing at the flames as they flickered in the sitting room fireplace. I just felt very sad and not well. And then Selly walked into our house and found me. I recall how tenderly he picked me up and cuddled me while he found my mother and said, “Pruney’s got measles; she must be in bed”.  Such gentleness. 

I think I am right in saying that Sellie became a thoracic surgeon in Durham. Gordon practised as a GP in The Ropewalk, Nottingham. He married Jill, or Jillikins, as she became known in the family. There were no children of the marriage, but they adopted a little boy, Gerard. Ena (Elizabeth) was a fine golfer and bridge player. She briefly married an eminent rugby player but returned home to her parents after three weeks of marriage. She lived for her final years with her mother in the family holiday cottage in Treaddur Bay, Wales

Owner of originalJune Cope
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